Saturday, July 26, 2008

Day 3 via Alicomicom

What an exciting day we have had!! Sitka, Alaska is a very small very beautiful fisherman’s town. We had a late start and it was time consuming to get on the tender so we only had about an hour and half to explore the town before our big wildlife excursion. It was just enough time to souvenir shop and eat a “reindeer hot dog”. Don’t ask me what the difference was.

Our wildlife cruise was awesome! Let me say that again. Our wildlife cruise was AWESOME! It was so rocky, a good handful of people got sick, but not Heather and I. Yes, we have sea legs. ;) In the middle of this rocky sea we saw whales, about 3 different “herds” or what ever a flock of whales is called. They put on a show for us because we saw on more than one occasion their big dive which resulted in their famous fin spectacle. I could have stood out there all day and watched those whales. It was pretty cool.

We also saw my new favorite animal, sea otters. I want to live my life like a sea otter. They just kick back on their backs and go wherever the tide takes them. They were really cute too. At first they looked like seaweed but then Heather kept insisting they were sea otters. So I got out my binoculars (thanks Mom) and sure enough there were a ton of them. I wonder how baby kitty would react if I brought home a sea otter. It could live in our pool. Kelley, I promise to feed and clean up after it. Can I please have a sea otter? ;)

Anyway, I’ll let Heather tell you more about the adventure. We came “home” pretty tired and HUNGRY. Don’t think we will have any trouble finding something to eat. So we are off to our 8:15 PM dinner. I’m getting the melting chocolate cake for sure tonight. It has been calling my name for 2 nights and each night I find something better to order. The black forest cake, cherries jubilee but tonight I will put it off no longer.

If you are wondering, Kenny is feeling much better. He didn’t miss a beat with the rocky excursion. Shanon on the other hand had a little sickness but all is well now. The ship is moving through the Sitka sound but the only thing you feel is a light vibration every now and then. Let’s hope it stays that way.

Tomorrow? Juneau!! No excursions planned but there is talk of finding some glaciers and shopping. We are debating on bringing the laptop into town. Maybe we can get a better connection and upload some of these pictures. Good night!


PS – It’s Saturday morning and I’m getting ready to post this but before I did that I wanted to let you know that I started feeling ill at dinner last night. I made it up to the point of ordering my Melting Cake but then had to excuse myself. I only felt sick a few times but I did not want to take a chance so I came up to the room and took some medicine. I fell into bed and did not wake up till this morning. My dinner mates apparently shared my melting cake and of course the word on the street now is that it was fantastic.


Anonymous said...

caught up glad you got your sea legs and (hopefully) full appetite back! loved the pictures...we want more! Vic

Anonymous said...

How are you feeling today? Maybe tonight you can experience the melting cake for your self at dinner. I suggest, don't order dinner, just the cake first then if you begin to feel ill, you are covered. The pics are fantastic and beautiful, can't wait to see them ALL! Continue to experience God's beauty! Until next time...-Kelly

Anonymous said...

Glad you're having a good time Ali, I get to go to work tomorrow :) Great pics and very cool blog...can't wait to see all of the pics. Seeya.

Anonymous said...

WOW is all I can say......yeah right, your auntie at a loss for words? Sounds and looks like you are having a blast, but then again, going anywhere with you is a blast my sweet niece! Love the blog and love you.......see you when you get back, juneau? XOXO Rozlyn