Sunday, July 27, 2008

Day 3 and 4 via Heater

Today is Thursday. My intention was to sleep in. Get all rested for the week ahead. I found myself jumping right out of bed and staring out the window listening to a voice on the overhead about 6:30am. We had just entered the College Fjord. An amazing inlet that had several well known tide water glaciers. We saw the Yale and the Harvard. The one that Alison and I got a picture with was different. I don’t know the name but cool none the less.

We had a very rocky day on the boat. Rumor has it we had winds 60-70mph. The swells were pretty big too. We guessed about 10ft. I didn’t get sick but by late afternoon I started to feel pretty queasy. Luckily Alison had Bonine to save me.

Shan, Alison and I were the only ones in the hot tub that afternoon. The water was rolling right out of the hot tub and down the stairs because it was so rocky. People walked past us and just stared. Of course we’re out there trying to take pictures of ourselves like it’s any other day. LOL. The water wasn’t really hot enough so we moved inside to the hot tub in the gym. We squealed and giggled like little girls running from the hot tub back inside. (I screamed like I was being tortured.)

After our hot tubbing Shan and I sat in the steam room and then I went for a nice massage. It was very relaxing. Then we went to dinner, watched some people do Karaoke and headed to bed.

I am not much of a blogger, if you can’t already tell. That was Thursday and here it is Sunday and me with no entries. It’s not that I didn’t’ think of it we’ve just been on the run I didn’t really make much time for it. So a quick catch up:

Friday= Sitka. Rainy and cold but really cool. We took a long boat ride on a wild life quest. We saw whales, bald eagles and sea otters. The boat took us right back to the ship. I started to feel queasy again but made it through dinner and felt better. Alison didn’t make it to dessert. She was ok but went to bed earlier so she could feel better for Juneau.

Saturday= WOW! It was a great day. We woke up early and watched as we docked in Juneau. FINALLY we saw the sun. It was gorgeous. Really with a few scattered clouds and the bright sunshine on the sides of the green, green mountains it was amazing.

We picked up Kenny and Shan and headed into town. We found a bus ride to the Mendenhall Glacier. While we waited we shopped in this very cute, quaint little town. It resembled an old mining town. Except the buildings had lots of color and many of the store fronts we jewelry stores, I am talkin bling!

We jumped on a school bus that took us over the Glacier. I think it was about a 12 mile ride from town. When we arrived it was cloudy but still bright and completely beautiful. This glacier was huge. There were two waterfalls to the right. One was all the runoff from the melting glacier. The other was rain runoff and melting snow from the mountain. Apparently the salmon just started spawning that morning! The visitor’s center said the bears will be close behind. We didn’t get to see any but man I was looking!

We headed back to town and ate at a good ole Saloon! Saw dust on the floor, dead animals hanging every where and even a piano player up front. It was called the Red Dog Saloon. It even had the swinging doors on the front. We threw back a couple of pints, ate some lunch and headed back to the ship for our Salmon bake.

Unfortunately that’s all the Salmon bake was, a place for dinner. They bussed us just down the road. It was a little outdoor BBQ next to a creek. We thought it was going to be a hike with a little food. It was a lot of food with a little walk up the creek. The girls and I were full. We ate our fill at the Saloon. Of course Kenney still had room in his legs and maybe his big toes because he ate two more plates!! We eventually headed back into town to shop some more.

That’s all for now. I’ve got to get ready for our big helicopter ride! More later!!


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