Tuesday, July 29, 2008


It is Tuesday afternoon. We were in Ketchikan yesterday where I was able to log into a wireless network and upload all the pictures. So needless to say, the time I would be blogging was the time I used to upload a whopping, what, 5 pictures? Oh well, it was free and I wanted to show everyone at home.

So yesterday in Ketchikan was ok. We hit terrible weather and it POURED for the whole day. Zipline was in the morning which was very cool but by the afternoon, the weather was so bad our floatplane to view the Misty Fjords was canceled due to bad weather. So Heather and walked around town and shopped. It’s a cute town, lots of homes nestled in the side of the mountain. But again, the weather was horrible.

In the evening we ditch the assigned seating and ate a very nice dinner with Kenny and Shanon. I’m sure you are getting sick of me mentioning it but I once again had the melting cake. I ate every last bite and let me tell you, I was sick as a dog! I had the worst stomachache but it was worth it! ;)

It was another rocky night as we entered into the open sea again. Over the past few days we were able to get some more information on the storm we went through. We found out that we were battling 40 foot waves. Looking back we really trip out at how rocky the boat was. I can see now that the whole ship was a ghost town that first day. I think of Heather, Shanon and I walking through the halls and how we stumbled with every step just trying to keep up with the boat’s jerks. Overall, I think the weather has really put a damper on the whole trip. We have seen some beautiful landscape but I’m sure it is not even a drop in the bucket had we seen Alaska’s land on a cloudless day.

We have been given our departure information and Heather is trying to pack. I have been packing over the past day or two. So we are counting down the hours! Tonight is our last evening at dinner. I have really enjoyed all the people at our table so I’m a little sad that this is our last together. I will snap a picture of the famous dessert. I’m really hoping all those bakers out there will be able to mimic something close to it.

We arrive in San Diego around 2:30 PM tomorrow. Speaking of San Diego, there is a rumor going around that we had an earthquake???? Can’t wait to hear all about it. For some reason I always miss the ground shaking. I’m not looking forward to the flight home, I just want to close my eyes and be home. I’m ready. It’s been a great trip and I am so thankful I had the chance to go but I’m done.

As Heather is packing I’m writing what she is saying. She is also ready to be home; to sleep in her own bed and to see her puppy and to talk to her Russ for hours on end. She wants to tell everyone about our stories. She is totally ready to stop eating too. ;) This all-you-can-eat 24/7 is not natural.

So I guess that is it. In the words of our Captian, "Arrivederci". Thanks for reading! Signing off from Alaska for the last time.



russ said...

What a great experience! I love the pictures.

I'm praying for safe flights tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

You won't see until you get home but also praying for safe flights today; and everything on time! Can't wait to see more pictures- especially that great dessert! Vicki