Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Day 5 via Alison-na-na-na

Today was Glacier Day. We arrived at Temsko Helicopters a half an hour early. They had to verify our weight (embarrassing) and gear us up. In 30 minutes we were climbing into the helicopter. Our pilot Paul took us over the Mead Glacier and then landed towards the base of the glacier.

First let me say that I do not feel that I have an adequate amount of time to properly put into words what this was like. I hate for me to just ramble on quickly for the sake of letting you know what we did. There was nothing blasé about walking on this glacier. I would love the pictures to speak for themselves but you know how that is going.

The sky was cloudy so the blue in the glacier was vibrant. Some of the crevasses were deep and you could hear the sound of water draining from deep inside them. I think what struck me the most was how hard the ground/ice was. When I see glaciers, I think of snow but then you’re told it’s ice. Ice to me is still soft. I’m sure you and me both have seen glaciers fall from the face into the ocean. Those to me, still look snowy-like. Let me tell you, there is nothing soft about a glacier.

The vastness of the glacier is also note worthy. Even if I could show you pictures, they could not clearly show you how humongous it all is and the fact that it’s a living piece of ice dying a slow death. It’s always moving, shaping the earth beneath it. The idea that something that big actually moves stretches your mind. I try to picture God at the top of that glacier pushing on it with His finger and I cannot get my brain around it.

After the glacier we shopped in the cute town of Skagway, Alaska and then headed “home”. While I was downloading my pictures of the day on to the laptop, my eyes became very heavy and so I took a nap. After my nap I got a surprise phone call from Kelley which topped off my day. Tonight is our last formal night and don’t you know, they’ll have some unbelievably amazing dessert that I will not be able to pass up, putting that darn melting cake on the back burner. Kelly, I will ask the waiter if I can start with dessert. Usually they hide the dessert menus till after the meal.


PS – It is now Monday morning and I’m getting ready to post this. Just wanted you to know that I had escargot! It was disgusting but when ever will I get another chance to try such a delicacy. AND I got the melting cake which was TO DIE FOR! Made personally by the devil. Guess what? I’m ordering another tonight!

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