Friday, July 25, 2008

Day 3 via Alison

Hello All! It was a rough night, for the ship that is. Thank you God, Heather and I are still ok but we are the minority. Closest causality of war for us is poor Kenny. He could not even sit through dinner. We have spoken to some of the crew and they say this is one of the worst they have experienced. Late last night they made an announcement over the PA saying because of the 10 foot swells the ship slowed it’s speed which now makes us delayed porting in Sitka. The Captain said that if the weather subsided he would speed up in the night to make up time. I was shaken awake once in the night. Everything that we put on our little coffee table is now on the floor. I woke up at 6:30 AM and took another bonine and I am tempted to wake up Sleeping Beauty so she can take another.

I will update you on our adventures later tonight. Internet café is offering 2 minutes for the price of 1 so I will be a posting fool! Love to you all!


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russ said...

Tempting to wake up Sleeping Beauty...LOL! Don't worry, any grumbling that comes out of her won't be remembered in the morning. So don't take anything she says personally. :)

You guys are going to have awesome memories from this trip!!

Have fun today!